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Now you have your mind map and your vision board of your dream life. It probably looks unattainable. I know my first vision board was filled with things that I couldn’t afford and didn’t even believe that I ever could. It was a fantasy life and my mindset was not in the right place. It was just a dream.


Visualisation is one of the most powerful exercises for the mind you can do. Make sure you place your vision board in a spot where you see it every day.

However, just having created a vision board isn’t enough. You need to know its purpose in your life. How does it fit with your goals, and how do you want to feel your life.

My Vision Board

On my personal vision board, I had a photograph I took of the ocean while staying at a friend’s beach apartment on the 19th floor, this image to reminded me of how I felt there. I was at a conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. I told my friend that I was attending a conference, and she offered me a beach holiday apartment. I was so excited to stay on the beach and was grateful to her for offering it to me. I didn’t even know that she had it.

When I walked into the apartment, all I could see was the gorgeous calming ocean. I put my bags in the bedroom, made a cuppa and sat on the balcony to watch the sunset. This image reminds me of my whole experience. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded to calm myself. That I have the freedom to choose whatever I want to. To wake up at 5am, make a cuppa sit at the back and watch the sunrise. To notice the chorus of the early morning chatter of the birds. To meditate every day, and be grateful for my family, friends, clients, and those who add value to my life. These daily goals are made from just one image on my vision board ways to use your vision board. Create goals from the image you’ve chosen.

How to create daily goals from one image

Choose one image from your vision board that evokes the feelings you want to have in your life. For instance, your goal is to be present in your life to be grateful for small things and not to dramatize a situation – to remain calm. Notice that these are feelings, not things that you want to attain.

The Dalai Lama says that we modern people look for happiness externally, but it is actually within us. We want to accumulate material things like a mansion, a fast car, brand name clothes, like a $5,000 Gucci bag. These things only give us temporary pleasure.

Let’s look for the joy from within.

I’d love to hear how you go and what you do. Email Cait@juliea67.sg-host.com

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