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Write a love letter to yourself

I’m not starting the year off with resolutions. You know why? Because I never stick to them.

I don’t know about you, but when I was making New Year’s resolutions, I planned to go to the gym every day, eat well, be super organised and do many other things that I never stuck to. Write yourself a love letter instead of resolutions.

I got disappointed in myself, wasted time and heaps of money and felt bad about who I was. Then I started making judgments about what others were thinking about me and got even more depressed.

I gained weight, felt ugly and didn’t see anyone.

Getting help

I knew I needed help, so I went to a therapist after suffering for almost 15 years.

I started to love myself for who I am. I began to love my body and love my life. I discovered joy, and was ready to live my best life.

A New Year again

This new year I decided to write myself a love letter after achieving so much with the help of my therapist.

My first love letter

My first love letter to me was 20 pages long. It was an ode to my life. I honoured the tough times by talking to myself about how I achieved and thrived.

I now share this strategy with my clients and now I’m going to share it with you.

How to write a love letter to yourself

What you need

  • Beautiful stationery
  • A pen that feels easy to write with
  • A gorgeous envelope
  • A heavy-duty fridge magnet
  • A quiet place


Set the scene

Set aside a good amount of time, maybe a couple of hours.

I’m relaxing in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You could look yourself away in a room. I do not disturb sign on the door to make sure you can concentrate on what you want yourself to say. Sit comfortably and have your beautiful stationery and pen ready.

Let’s write

Begin your love letter with dear [your name]

These past few years have been challenging. So really let loose about what you’ve been through both personally and as a citizen of the world.

You can probably write and you a few pages on this. Describe what’s happened and how it is impacted you. Right about how you felt in the situation yours described.


Write about who and what you’re grateful for get into depth about who the person or people he appreciates. Explain what happened and what you appreciate and are grateful for.

The future

Right about what you’d like to achieve next year. This isn’t resolution stuff; this has more substance then joining a gym or losing weight. This is about self-love relationship boundaries and how you’re going to achieve these things.

You could write this year I’m going to make time for me and not give in to others asking me to do things when I haven’t taken care of myself.

This year I’m concentrating on being patient and emotional self-regulation. This year I’m making time for myself to relax and meditate, go hiking and find peace in the day. This year, I will try and do new things and take risks. You get the idea.

The grand finale

Finish the following statement I’m making every effort to live my best life, and in doing that, I’ll be surrounding myself with people who love and care for me too. Sign off with love always [your name]

Writing yourself a love letter is more meaningful than resolutions

What next?

Fold your letter neatly into the gorgeous envelope and either put it on the fridge with a heavy duty magnet or somewhere you’ll be able to see it.

You know what you’ve written you’ll remember it every time you see the envelope.

Last thing

Write your name on the front of the envelope and a heart at the end of your name. Remind yourself of the things you’ve written every time, and the envelope catches your eye. This will set in your brain and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve by the time to write yourself a love letter. I hope the new year brings you peace love joy and strength.

Love always, Cait xx

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