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Oh, my goodness! I recently stumbled across a series that truly captured the essence of the human experience.

I’ve heard people say this statement, “I’m totally, completely, fine,” and they’re not fine at all. This series is an excellent way of opening up the discussion around mental health and suicide. It’s a fascinating journey into the depths of human emotions.

The series

“Totally Completely Fine” has compelling characters, thought-provoking narrative and compelling storytelling. I was captivated and binged the series, it was so good.

I rarely find a television series that pulls me in so deeply. I like to watch shows that deal with mental health and how characters manage their day to day lives working through their problems.

This series depicts each character grappling with their own demons, insecurities and traumas. Each of them seems like an ordinary person, but as each episode unfolds, it reveals their complex inner lives which many of us can relate to.

The series shines a light on the universal struggles we all face and how they deal with them individually. It shows how each character reacts or responds in different ways to the same situation. Which I love because it’s true to life.

Relatable characters

The characters are brilliantly written. Vivian and her two brothers were raised by their grandfather, with whom they seem to have a love-hate relationship. The grandfather has died and left a will. The brothers weren’t happy with their inheritance, and were perplexed when Vivian inherited their grandfather’s property. The grandfather left and ominous letter for Vivian to work out.

Vivian is self-destructing and feels nothing she does is right. She holds a deep dark secret, that may or may not be true. Her older brother blames her for everything and the younger brother is the glue of the family.

The series gives them the space to grow, change, and evolve, making them more than just fictional entities on the screen but individuals we genuinely care about.

Conversation starter

This series is a brilliant way to start the conversation about mental health. It tackles topics often deemed taboo and uncomfortable, addressing mental health, sexuality, and existential questions with honesty and grace.

The Wrap Up

“Totally Completely Fine” is a testament to the power of storytelling in the realm of television. Its exploration of the human psyche, relatable characters, emotional depth, and narrative mastery make it an exceptional series that resonates deeply with it’s audience.

It reminds us that beneath the surface of our everyday lives, there lies a tapestry of emotions and experiences that shape who we are. As viewers, we embark on a transformative journey alongside the characters, discovering that it’s okay not to be completely fine and that vulnerability is an essential part of the human condition.

I encourage you to watch this with your family, it might just start an interesting conversation.

Let me know what you think.

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