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Many people are feeling a bit down this Easter. My family included, they’re finding it difficult to get into the swing of Easter this year. I don’t know why that is, it just happens sometimes. Usually we’re so excited and have everything planned early and everything is organised by now. Alas it isn’t, who knows what will happen but I’m sure we’ll enjoy our time together.

Our tradition

Our tradition with our grandchildren is to buy everyone pyjamas. They look for what they like and put an order in but alas no-one has their order in for the Easter Bunny. I guess it’s also that the price of everything has gone up, everyone might be a bit flat because of that and we’re all very busy and lives have changed.

Life changes

Our eldest granddaughter is at university studying nursing and is getting used to the life of a uni student. Everything is so different from school and change is often difficult to deal with. Our year 12year old granddaughter is off to camp for the first time in years, she’s missed out on so many camps because of fires, floods and Covid. She’s so excited, she’s especially excited about horse riding. I’m looking forward to her stories when she gets back.

Our tradition when I was growing up

Many families have traditions for Easter. When I was growing up we’d go to mass first thing in the morning, then had the egg hunt while Nanna cooked a huge lunch. Going up the hill to Nanna’s place was the best fun. She loved having her family around her and making memories.

Coping at Easter

Celebrations are often tougher than other times of the year. Many people are looking forward to family gatherings and meeting up with people they haven’t seen for a long time. However, there are many of us who are missing loved ones.

There’s an empty chair where they should be sitting or you’ve been waiting all year to share a story with that one person because you know they’ll appreciate it but then you realise they’re not there and will never be there again.

Tips for surviving Easter

  • Self-care is especially important during times of celebrations. Make sure you eat nutritious food, keep hydrated and be well rested
  • You’re allowed to skip Easter if you don’t feel like it this year
  • It’s your choice if you want to attend family gatherings or see anyone
  • It’s just another day. You can decide what kind of Easter you’d like. You can ignore it or embrace it, it’s up to you
  • Eat chocolate, enjoy the sensation in your mouth, feel the creaminess and smoothness on your tongue
  • Ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Share your emotions with someone who you know will sit and listen, not try to fix.
  • Feel your feelings


The wrap

Give yourself permission to have the Easter you want, don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or what you should do. It’s all up to you, do Easter you way. Choose what you’d like to attend or not.

I wish you well this Easter. Below is a YouTube video of a poem that I love, it’s called, “Grief comes in waves”. It’s spoken by an Irishman, I hope you like it.

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