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World Heart Day

The 29ᵗʰ of September is World Heart Day.

According to the World Heart Federation 1 in 3 deaths occur prematurely in people under 70 years old.

This year’s theme is,” Use heart, know heart.” They say that this is “because we love and protect what we know!”

Did you know that over 18.6 million people worldwide die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) every year. My husband was almost one of them.


My story

I’ll always remember December 10,2022.

I’d been out with our granddaughter all morning, dropped her off and drove home. When I got home, I saw an ambulance parked in front of our neighbour’s place. I thought I’ll go inside, drop my bag off and then see if I could do anything for our neighbour because he lives alone. I’d just finished that thought when out of the corner of my eye I saw two paramedics race past my door into our house.

My heart was racing, I collected my things and ran inside. My husband informed me that he had a bit of pain and wanted to get it checked out.

I won’t bore you with what really went on.  I might just give you a little taste of what went on. I was panicked and there was a lot of yelling from my end. I wanted to know what was going on and I wanted to know right now. You see my husband hadn’t rung me to tell me he’d called an ambulance because he didn’t want to spoil my morning.

Long story short, he had a massive heart attack on the way to hospital and a specialist paramedic had to be called to get on board to accompany him all the way.

It turned out he’d had (what they call) a Widow Maker heart attack. One artery was 100% blocked, the others were 60% blocked and lots of blood clots all around the heart.

I am forever grateful that my husband called the ambulance that day. He’s not one to go to the doctor but he said, “It was just a weird sensation, not a pain at all and he had a feeling he should call”.

I’m not only grateful that he called “000”, (Australia’s emergency centre) I’m grateful for the lovely paramedics who kept me calm while taking care of him, the doctors and nurses who took care of him on his many admissions after that. I’m most grateful that he survived such an ordeal.

I encourage you to get your heart checked because my husband was a healthy weight, ate a nutritious diet, didn’t smoke or drink excessively and had no signs that this would happen.

I hope you never have to experience this.

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