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This might be surprising but did you know there are many benefits of volunteering while you’re grieving. Volunteering while grieving has it’s advantages on your body, mind and spirit (not necessarily the religious kind)?

Why volunteer while grieving?

Volunteering while grieving may feel difficult at first and I wouldn’t suggest you volunteer when your grief is fresh. Later when you feel like you want to step into the outside world again, it can benefit you in so many ways. It’s is a two way street, it not only helps the people you’re volunteering for, it has surprising benefits for you too.


Volunteering while grieving helps you connect with others

It’s a great way to connect with others. After the death of a partner you might have to move to a new neighbourhood and volunteering at a local community centre might be a good place to start searching for a group for you to volunteer for.

Volunteering makes it easier for you to make new friends and connect with your new community. You not only help people learn something new, you get to feel the joy that they have from meeting you. If you’re shy, volunteering makes it easier to talk with people because you have a common interest of whatever you volunteered for. By volunteering on a regular basis, you gain social skills and build new relationships because you’re being exposed to more people and different activities. This helps you gain more confidence and meet more people in different circumstances.


Surprising connection of mind – body: Volunteering while grieving 

The body – mind connection was a real surprising benefit of volunteering while grieving.

Research has shown that volunteering has a profound effect on your overall well being. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, especially if you volunteer with animals. When you gain new friends through volunteering, you’re gaining a new support system. You start to know others and open your life up more to them. You can discuss your problems and joys with them, which helps reduce depression.

There’s also been research done on the brains in volunteer workers, which has found that volunteering makes you happier. One of the things our brains are hardwired for is to give to others, and that makes us happy. Volunteering gives you purpose in life. You focus on helping others and not on your own problems, and this helps you to relax for a little while.


Volunteering while you’re grieving : health benefits

Research has shown that volunteers blood pressure tends to stay in the normal range. They have less chronic pain, and reduced level of cardiac problems. They have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t volunteer.

So why wouldn’t you volunteer? It makes you happy, you get to improve other’s lives, you’re healthier, and you get to live longer.

I love sharing insights, thoughts and things that I think you’d be interested in. If there’s something that I haven’t covered yet or you want to know about please email me at  cait@juliea67.sg-host.com I’ll aim to write a blog post about it or let you know on my socials.  

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