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Lost and Found

The End of a Coffee Era

Welcome to my first blog of the year. I’m writing this blog to let you know that grief and loss come in different forms. This is not to make light of the death of a loved one or a pet but that grief is also the loss of community and the sense of belonging.

I know that many of you have been spending time over the Christmas and New Year period being with your family and friends. It’s a time for sharing, love and socialising. Some people don’t have family or friends to celebrate this time with and their coffee shop (or something like it) is their family. When that changes or disappears, things change dramatically and your feelings can be difficult to navigate through.

September 12th 2013

Today was such a sad day for my husband and I and many others in our community. Our local coffee shop owners have sold their store and today is their last day.

The Best Family in Business

We are privileged to know a wonderful family who have built a fabulously, interactive community. They had a Facebook page where all the regular customers talk and have a joke with each other. I don’t think they know how much they have added to our lives and many others.

In the Beginning

Over nine years ago a lovely little coffee shop opened in our village, we visited it about twice a week. From the beginning, these people created a welcoming environment and knew how important it was to create a community. They are the only employers that I know of that encourage their staff to talk to the customers and each other.

Building a Community

Back in the early days Tom (not his real name) introduced his customers to each other while standing waiting for their coffee to be made. After a while we all got to know one another, some customers who were on their own would sit together and laugh and a chat.

Lots of people would have their coffee on the same day each week and would recognise other regulars and talk across the room to each other, which others to join in the conversation.

We’ve watched children grow, seen people come and go. I have spoken to people who I would never have thought to speak to. That shop always felt like it was back when I was growing up. I met some dynamic people because this family built this amazing community whose lives are all the better for knowing them and each other.

Mourning our Loss

On the last day they owned the store, we and many other regular customers went in, had our coffee and stayed most of the day. I walked in and burst into tears. I became overwhelmed with the enormity of the loss of this fantastic family. Barbara (not her real name) came and gave me a warm hug and kiss. She stayed for a while and talked to me about how appreciative she was of our custom over the years. I told her that she and her husband should be proud of how she has raised their boys (owners of the coffee shop) .

We stayed 4 hours (we usually only stay 1 hour), I didn’t want to leave but finally we had to because we had to go to work. Barbara gave us both more hugs and kisses. Tom came out from behind the counter and was over taken by his emotion. It was difficult to leave.

We wish them the very best for their future endeavours.

Some time later – January 8th 2015

A New Era in Coffee

It’s been over a year now since I wrote the beginning of this blog post because I didn’t know how to finish it.

Over the past year we’ve lamented they’re leaving but we have a new coffee shop that has opened in our village. They don’t replace the people in our hearts but they have been added.

This couple have added so much to our community. They have also created an atmosphere where it’s easy to talk to the person at the next table. They celebrated Melbourne Cup Day, Halloween, Christmas and many other days throughout the year in order to bring the community together.

I’m writing this blog to let you know that grief and loss come in different forms. This is not to make light of the death of a loved one or a pet but that grief is also the loss of community and belonging.

Please leave a comment below. I love hearing your stories.

If you’d like to talk to talk to me about grieving, death or anything else, contact me to talk about your needs and how you can achieve them.


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