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Rediscover Joy: Living alongside grief

Grief can feel lonely and isolating. Friends and family don’t know how to be with you, so they leave you alone and give you unwanted (but well meaning) advice on how to get on with your life.

You’re often so overwhelmed with sadness and feel helpless. You feel disconnected from friends and family and you slowly drift away from everyone. Friendships disappear, relationships dissolve and families break apart.

You feel sad and lonely with nowhere to turn because you feel like no-one understands what you’re going through. It’s isolating and your mental health suffers.

Cait has over 40 years of experience helping people. She’s helped thousands of people unravel the twists and turns of grief and assisting them to rediscover joy in their life while living alongside grief. She provides the tools to create a new life without their loved one.

This is for pre-orders, due to be printed in June 2022.

$29.95 plus postage

In this book Cait explores:

  • Grief explained
  • Normalising and validating diverse experiences
  • Finding your support people
  • Grief rituals
  • Self- compassion
  • Boundaries while grieving
  • Making meaning, growing and healing
  • Creating your narrative
  • Tools to help you go through grief, not avoid it
  • Life continues 
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