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Grief is universal and unique to you. How you feel grief is different to every other person on the planet, yet we all will grieve at some time in our life.

Grief is one of the most difficult things we will ever do or fear. When we lose someone, it can leave us feeling lonelier, more alone, more confused and unsettled, than ever before.

How you experience grief will depend on circumstances of the death, your own personality, your relationship with that person and the consequence of the loss.

We get through acute grief with resilience

We each have a different perspective of who your loved one was. That’s one reason why it’s important to share stories of those who have died.

Remembering someone. Whether you know it or not, we’re setting up our own memorials every day through social media. This media shares who we are our personality, our beliefs, our loves, hobbies, and what we look like through time.

Harry R Moody and Jennifer R Sassen are researchers who suggest memorializing allows individuals to explore life’s meaning.

Here’s what memories do for us

  • Help us understand our experience of what’s happened.
  • Help us come to terms with life and death.
  • Keeps us connected.
  • Gives us a sense of belonging.
  • Helps our brain understand the loss.
  • Helps us process our grief.

It’s painful remembering our loved ones especially in the early days. However, it can also be comforting.

Remembering Chris Bogue’s family (video)

I was interviewed recently by Julian Mather. On how I use video in my practice. During the show, Chris Bogue asked to join us.

In this part of the video, you can see his pure joy in seeing his grandma & grandpa and, watching his mum grow up on film. Chris’s mum had shared stories with him about her dog. And lo and behold, that dog was on the film.

Chris is in the process of digitalizing his old family eight millimetre film and is watching previous generations with pure joy. I’m sure he’s having many more conversations with his parents who can share more stories of their own parents.

Check out part of the interview here with Chris

The wrap

As you can see, memories are both painful, joyful and, grief is different for everyone. Share stories, and remember your loved ones.

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