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Journal writing helps process your feelings

Now you’re going to start on achieving what you want for your daily life, so you can have the life of joy that you want and deserve.

Journaling every day

There’s heaps of research being done on the benefits of journaling. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Tracking your mood. You can see when you’re using negative words and reframe how you speak to yourself.
  • By writing your worries of the day, you’re giving them a place to stay, rather than in your head.
  • You see your problems, worries and concerns and are able to work through them.
  • It helps reduce anxiety and depression, reduces stress, helps you recognise your triggers and how to deal with them, assisting in identifying what causes your stress and anxiety.

The newest research

The latest research has found something more interesting. Co-author of this research Adriel Boals states that… “They suggest that at least for fairly minor life problems, something as simple as writing about the problem for 20 minutes can yield important effects not only in terms of physical health and mental health, but also in terms of cognitive abilities,” he says.

The participants had improved working memory, which was a surprise to the researchers. After the first experiment was completed the researchers had more questions. They found that the participants felt that the subject matter they were given to write about was boring, so in the second experiment they asked participants of the first group to write about positive experiences, the other group to write about negative experiences of their day and were still to write for 20 minutes per day.

The results came in and they found that the participants who wrote about their negative experiences had less intrusive and avoidant thoughts and had a sizable jump in working memory compared to those who wrote only about positive experiences.

Test this research out for yourself and see how you go.

How to journal every day 

  • Buy a beautiful journal and pen that you enjoy writing with
  • As usual, set up a quiet, safe and secure space to write
  • Set aside time every day
  • Put an alarm in your phone to write
  • Sit down, take three deep belly breaths, or until you relax
  • Start writing, and don’t stop until you have finished

Write whatever feels right for you. It’s yours to do what you like. Your journal is for your eyes only. Keep it in a place where you know no one will find it. However, you can share parts of your journal with a trusted friend, family member, or professional. It’s up to you. If you want to share it, keeping a journal can help you make sense of your world. It helps you create order out of chaos. It’s especially important at this time in our history. This is a time to make sense of your world within the uncertain world we’re now living in. It can help you relax, de-stress, soothe yourself and wind down.

Writing in your journal daily can help you to live a healthy life. At the end of each day you can look back, and notice your progress.

What you’ve done so far

Week One

You set up a mind map of what you wanted your life to be.

Week two 

From that mind map, you created a vision board of how you want your life to feel.

Week three 

You made goals from your vision board for your daily life.

Week four 

You will track your goals by journaling every day.

Do you write a journal, or have you started a journal? I’d love to know how you’re going – email me and let me know if it helps or the difference it makes to journal.

Happy journaling.


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