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Conversations with Cait: It’s Cool to Cry

Hey everyone! Get ready for an amazing episode of “Conversations with Cait and Jack” on YouTube, focused on “It’s Cool to Cry”!

Meeting Jack Davis – Founder of it’s cool to cry

I had the absolute pleasure of virtually meeting the incredible Jack who didn’t bring his furry sidekick, Roy. 

Jack is the inspiring founder of “It’s Cool to Cry,” a heartfelt movement he started after the tragic death of his girlfriend, Elle, who died by suicide at just 25. Elle’s memory lives on, cherished and missed every day. 

Jack’s journey is truly moving. He chose to transform his grief into something positive, creating a space where it’s okay to express emotions openly. He says, “I chose to stop grieving. I didn’t want to feel sick to my stomach anymore.” I’d love to dive deeper into this with him because I believe he’s found a way to grieve productively, ensuring others don’t have to face the same pain alone.

Follow Jack on Instagram

Don’t miss checking out Jack’s page on Instagram, @ItsCoolToCry! His sense of humour is just as great as his mission. Plus, his loyal dog Roy is always by his side, providing that extra support on tougher days. 

Jack’s fabulous T-shirts are conversation starters, perfect for sharing stories about grief and healing. And guess what? He’s even got kids’ T-shirts starting from size 6! It’s a fantastic idea to help kids understand that it’s okay to talk about their feelings and to know that crying is cool.

Support the Movement: It’s Cool to Cry

Support Jack’s mission and show that it’s cool to express your emotions by purchasing a T-shirt from It’s Cool to Cry. By wearing these T-shirts, you’re not just making a statement, but also helping to spread awareness and support for those dealing with grief and emotional challenges.

Join us and be part of this incredible conversation!


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