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July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

The death of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. We’re supposed to outlive our children, it’s a life altering experience. The pain of it is immeasurable, no heartbreaking and the emotions are so overwhelming. You feel like you’ll never breathe again. I know this first hand. It’s difficult to go on with life after the death of your child.

It’s important to know that this grief lasts a lifetime, parents are reminded every day of their lives that their little one isn’t there.

Why it’s important to support grieving parents

We as a society need to know that there is no time limit for grief, there’s no magical stages that grieving parents go through to make life better again. It’s important to know that grief is messy, unpredictable and unique to each person. Each parent will grieve differently and that’s okay.

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month reminds us to be compassionate, patient and understanding toward parents who are facing this lifetime challenge of grief. Tips to support grieving parents.

  1. Feel comfortable hearing their stories, be present for them
  2. Actively listen. Allow them to express their feelings without judgement, validate their emotions
  3. Remember their child. Say their name, share memories with them and remember
    important dates i. e. their birthday, anniversary of death, add their name to a Christmas card
  4. Remember the parents go through a tough time during holiday celebrations. Simple acts of kindness like sending a thoughtful message, or asking them if you could visit for a cuppa can make all the difference.

The Wrap

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month is a reminder that no one should grieve alone. By acknowledging the pain parents go through, we foster a compassionate, nurturing and supportive society.

Together let’s embrace grieving parent’s stories, offer comfort, and create a world where no parent feels alone in their grief.

My wish (as always) is that everyone’s grief is seen, shared and accepted with
open arms as a natural part of life.

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