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From Mum’s mug to mine

Everyone who knew Mum knew that she practically lived in coffee shops all over the neighbourhood. After she died, her friends would tell me with a smile, “Your mum really loved her coffee.” This morning, as I sipped my own steaming cup, those comments came rushing back and I felt a pang of grief.  However, I also felt a sense of healing, knowing that someday, people will probably say the same about me: “Cait really loved her coffee”.

“Cait really loved her coffee.”

Let me explain what coffee means to me (besides the fact that I refuse to pay $5 for a tea bag in hot water). I love watching the barista craft my coffee, each cup infused with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of love. I judge my coffee not just by its taste, but by the heart that goes into making it.

Yes, I adore coffee, and I’m well aware it’s a delightful addiction. For me, a coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. I can nurse a coffee for an hour, savouring every sip. I ask for it extra hot – I love it at lava temperature! And yes, I even enjoy it when it’s stone cold too. The more bitter, the better.


Having a coffee, grief and healing

What Coffee Means to Me: Grief and Healing

Coffee is more than just a hot, cold, bitter beverage. It’s a moment to be present, to slow down, and to observe the world around me. I’ve always loved people-watching, and I often visit cafés alone to do just that. For me, coffee is a source of comfort, a companion through grief and healing.

Coffee is:

  • An experience: Every cup is a mini adventure.
  • Meeting fabulous baristas: Those who pour their heart into every brew.
  • Sharing stories: Coffee shops are where tales are spun.
  • Hearing life stories: Strangers often share their journeys with me.
  • Seeing my husband: Peeking over my cup to catch his smile.
  • Deep conversations: Coffee sparks the best chats.
  • Making new friends: Connections over coffee are special.
  • Reconnecting with old friends: Over a shared brew.
  • Remembering my mum: Every sip is a tribute to her.
  • Relaxing: A calm moment in a hectic day.
  • Taking in the view: Whether it’s people, nature, or cityscapes.

So, what does coffee mean to you? I’d love to know because coffee is the start of curious conversations.

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Cait the grief therapist having a cup of coffee, grief and healing.

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