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Why Funerals Matter

Let’s face it, talking about funerals isn’t anyone’s cuppa tea to start a conversation. Yet, paradoxically funerals are goodbyes wrapped in hellos to healing, a moment of sorrow woven with threads of comfort. So, grab a cuppa, settle in, and let’s explore why funerals, despite their sombre nature, are incredibly beneficial to those left behind.

Space to express your emotions

First and foremost, funerals provide a designated space for emotional release. We live in a world that often prioritises keeping a stiff upper lip, but grief has a way of demanding to be felt. Funerals break down those barriers, creating an environment where tears are not just acceptable but expected. Here, you’re given permission to cry, laugh, and share memories, providing a cathartic outlet for bottled-up emotions.

A celebration of life

Funerals aren’t just about mourning a death, they’re also about celebrating a life. Think of them as the ultimate tribute show, where every story, photo, and shared memory pieces together the mosaic of a person’s existence. Whether it’s Grandma’s secret apple pie recipe or Uncle Joe’s notorious bad jokes, these anecdotes bring a sense of closeness and continuity, reminding us that while someone may be gone, their legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew them.

Brings people together

Recently I attended my sister-in-law’s father’s funeral. I found myself (and many others) saying, “We used to get together at weddings, but now it’s funerals.”. 

We live our lives in the fast lane, we often don’t make enough time to connect with extended family and friends. Funerals, paradoxically, serve as a reminder of the importance of these connections. It’s a bittersweet reunion, but one that reinforces the bonds of community and support. You’ll see old friends, distant cousins, and even those relatives whose names you always seem to forget.

The ritual

Humans are creatures of ritual. We find comfort in traditions, and funerals are rich with them. Whether it’s religious, a beach gathering, or a memorial, these rituals offer a sense of community and closure. They gently guide us to start a new chapter, like finishing a book and beginning a new story, learning to live alongside grief.

Reflection and acceptance

Funerals encourage us to confront our own mortality in a way that is both sobering and enlightening. They offer a chance to reflect on our lives, our relationships, and our priorities. In the midst of grief, there’s often a moment of clarity where the mundane fades away, and what truly matters comes into sharp focus. It’s a poignant reminder to live fully and love deeply.

reflection on funerals, healing and grief


Beginning to heal

Finally, funerals mark the beginning of the healing process. They are the first step on the long road of grief, a road that doesn’t have a definitive end but gradually becomes less arduous. Through shared stories, hugs, and tears, those grieving start to process their loss and begin to move forward, carrying the memory of their loved one with them.

The wrap up

While funerals might not be anyone’s favourite topic, they hold a profound significance in the tapestry of our lives. They’re the ceremonies that turn goodbyes into a path towards healing, where sorrow finds solace and love finds a voice. So, the next time you find yourself at a funeral, remember that amidst the tears and farewells, there’s a beautiful process of healing taking root.

For those seeking support during their grief journey, Sydney offers several resources including GriefLine, a 24/7 support line, The Compassionate Friends for parents grieving the loss of a child, and The Bereavement Care Centre providing counseling, beyond blue and support groups.

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