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Self-care is critical for an all round healthy life. Its benefits are seen in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You’ll be able to incorporate these 5 self-care tips easily into your busy life.

I can write so much more about self-care but I know you’re busy right now trying to navigate this pandemic. You’ve probably got kids at home trying to get them to do online schooling, you’re working from home and so is everyone else in the household. There’s no respite from the stress of juggling these things and the underlying swell of the stress of this Covid stuff too.

It’s all about me and you

I work hard in and on my business and sometimes I don’t realise how low my mood is or how stressed out I am. I have a fabulous support network who tells me when I’ve worked too much. The question they ask is, “Who have you said yes to that has taken you over the edge?”

I love this question because it makes me think about everything that I’m trying to manage in my life. I have a tendency to say yes to many people because I believe that people deserve an awesome life. However, part of self-care is taking care of yourself first and saying no.

I know life gets busy for you too. What if you didn’t have to ‘take time?’ What if you could encorporate your self-care into what you already do and ‘make time” instead? Sounds sensational doesn’t it? Well read on and find out how you can make your life less stressful by making time for your self-care.


Having a boundary of taking care of yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s filling your cup first and sharing it with others, rather than taking a cup out of the cupboard and trying to share nothing. The latter is quite selfish, as you have nothing to share but you’ve given others the expectation that they will get something.

I hope my metaphor didn’t confuse you. The moral of the story is make sure you have the energy and love to share within you first, then there will be plenty to share around with no regret or resentment.

Lets recap – Why make the time for self-care?

Self care is anything you do to avoid any sort of mental or physical health problem, it is an essential part of our life. Taking care of yourself, mind, body and soul will keep you in peek condition to deal with stress. Putting “Me time” into your daily routine is often thought of as being selfish. The person who has a busy life is praised and looked up to and the one who is making time for self care is seen as being lazy.

Follow these quick and easy tips

 These quick tips are easy to inject into your life. You don’t need to find extra time, you just schedule it to remind yourself that you matter, not only to yourself but to everyone you connect with during the day.

Now for the 5 essential self-care tips

Here’s some suggestions for self-care and saying yes to yourself because you are number one.

#1 ~ Good nutrition

Eating a balanced diet helps your brain health. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veggies. Research shows that you actually are what you eat and your mood is impacted, “good food, good mood”.

Here’s some simple steps to follow to make sure you have good nutrition to help your wellbeing.

Lets do this

  • Throw the scales away they only supply you with your self esteem for that day i.e. you hop on the scales, see a pleasurable number and boom! Great day ahead OR you see a number that infuriates you and bang! Bad day ahead.
  • Sit down one day a week, plan your meals and a shopping list.
  • Here’s a tip, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.
  • Take your list with you and cross out the food as you put it in your basket.
  • When you get home chop, slice, julienne the veggies, bag and tag. Divide whatever protein you have into containers and put everything into the fridge or freezer ready to cook. This step is so much fun, especially if you have family or friends to help.
  • Follow your meal plan. Everything is already prepped ready to be cooked. You’ve saved so much time by doing that.
  • You can even enlist the help of the family or partner to help cook and it makes it so much more delicious.
  • After you’ve finished your meal, have a conversation about the nutrition (not calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc) but how each person feels about what they just ate. Did cooking it together make it more delicious? Because it was made with love. Did the food change your mood? These things don’t have to happen but it’s good to notice how your food impacts your body, then you can concentrate on nutrition not calories.

#2 ~ Dance

Dancing also lifts your mood and keeps you physically fit. Join a dance class, learn new moves and make new friends. Winning all round. I know that’s difficult to do right now because of Covid 19. I’ll let you in on my little secret (well it isn’t a secret in my household). My dancing is done while I cook. My husband always jokes and asks, “ How long will dinner be hun?” I reply, “ 20 minutes.” He laughs and asks, “Is it a dance number night?” and of course it is. He says (laughing his head off), “So at least an hour then,” and of course it’s and hour or more.

Lets do this

  • Find the music that you love and crank it up (to a reasonable level, not night club level)
  • Get the recipe out (if you’re following one)
  • Take out all the food that you prepared earlier out of the fridge.
  • Start dancing and dropping things into pans, saucepans, frypans, cook and dance. Really enjoy yourself.
  • Dance like no-one’s watching. Maybe they’ll be videoing you but that’s okay. You can see what your joy looks like.

#3 ~ Have a cuppa

I like this one because you can create a new ritual of getting up before sunrise, make a cuppa and sit outside to soak up the new day. If you aren’t an early riser, do it any time of the day and be present in drinking your cuppa.

Here’s some steps to follow on how to drink a cuppa, I know you know how to drink it but do you know how to savour it? Be in the moment with it?

Lets do this

  • Make your cuppa
  • Move outside into the sun
  • Smell your freshly brewed tea or coffee, take in the aroma
  • Take a sip, don’t swallow, hold it in your mouth for a while
  • Notice the taste, what does it feel like in your mouth? Is it warm? Is it soothing?
  • Now swallow it
  • What’s your mood like
  • And repeat while noticing the sun on your face
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Does it impact your mood?
  • How much are you enjoying it?


A couple more things to inspire

#4 ~ Read

Reading on a regular basis keeps your mind sharp. Research shows that reading fiction helps creativity and generates a more open minded thinking. You get to visit so many places without moving from your chair.

#5 ~ Funny animal videos

Research shows that looking at something cute instantly elevates your mood. It also helps you be more productive at work. Watching funny cat videos while the boss isn’t watching boosts productivity, yay!


Now what?

I want you to pick up your phone now, come on pick it up. Oh you’re reading this on your phone. Okay, now go to your calendar and schedule “me time” everyday and actually do it.

Choose something from the list and schedule that too, put the alarm on so it alerts you and voila! See the difference it makes. Hang on, does it make a difference to you? The research shows that if you have me time i.e. self-care regularly,

Do you think I want to know how you’re doing with your self-care? Of course I do, I love hearing how your rediscovering joy in your life, it benefits me too.

 Email me cait@juliea67.sg-host.com I really want to hear how you fit this into your day.

Today I’m signing off with Spock’s inspiring words, “Live long and prosper”

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