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Christmas Fun: A Little Man Bringing Families Together

This is a story of a little man, known as an elf who is bringing families together at Christmas time.

In my last article I spoke about making new traditions, this could be the one. It’s enormous fun for all.

This story illustrates perfectly how much fun and togetherness can be had, whilst celebrating Christmas within your family.

My daughter told me about it coming in the mail and I thought nothing more of it. Then the photos and stories started to appear on Facebook. I can’t wait to check her updates every morning.

Your elf comes with a little book. The story tells you how to treat your mischievous elf. The children need to give him a name, it lets them know they are not to touch the elf, as he has magical powers and loses them through human touch. This created a little bit of a dilemma when my daughter tried to get him out of the box. So, she told them that his magic doesn’t start until the moon comes up and they are in bed. They could deal with this explanation.

That night my daughter and her husband sat down to make a plan for the trouble making elf to be achieved over the 12 days of Christmas. They had so much fun. They googled what he has done previously and added to his mischief. There’s also lots of stuff on Pinterest.

This is the elf’s plan of attack:

  1. Cover Christmas tree with toilet paper. “Only one roll of toilet paper left in the house”,the elf thought. “Oh well, it’s going to a good cause, hehe”.
  2. Draw all over the family portrait.
  3. Ride around with Barbie all night in her cool car.
  4. Cook tiny, weenie pancakes for breakfast, so they have to eat hundreds of them to get full.
  5. Play with Matchbox cars. Line them all up along the lounge.
  6. Make a snowman and use all the marshmallows in the house.
  7. Dress up in Barbie’s clothes.
  8. Write in shaving cream on the mirror “elf was here”
  9. Hop in the scanner and print a picture of myself and fall asleep in the scanner.
  10. Take all the stockings down and hang underwear in their place.
  11. Last workout before Christmas, lift mum’s weights and get stuck under them.
  12. Write a letter wishing everyone a merry Christmas and hang candy canes on the tree.

Wow! this elf is going to be busy. The elf was left at the crime scene, to show the kids what he had done.

This little elf has created so much fun and has brought my daughter’s family closer together. Both she and her husband sat for hours of an evening planning and talking without realising it.

It created excitement between the children. All the talk at the dinner table was about guessing what the elf would get up to tomorrow. Then getting together in their rooms in the morning to come downstairs to find the elf. And every morning they squealed with delight upon finding the little elf and his antics.

This is one of the Facebook posts from my daughter.”Uh oh.. Our Elf on the Shelf arrived today, and he is already up to no good – Toilet papering the Christmas tree!!”


I wish peace, joy and happiness to you and your family at this difficult time of year. I hope this story helps and gives you yet another idea for you to invent a new tradition for your Christmas.

Leave a comment and let me know what you did to make Christmas your own this year.

If you’re struggling with grief or loss, contact me to discuss your needs and find out how I can help.


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