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Child & Adolescent Counselling

I am experienced at working with children and adolescents who have gone through a loss.

These children or adolescents may be suffering from grief because a sibling, parent, grandparent or pet has died. They may also be grieving because their parents have divorced, they have changed schools, their parents are fighting, or they may have anxiety issues about going to school or being in social situations.

I work with children
and adolescents who:

  • Feel like they are to blame for what has happened
  • Are feeling guilty that they caused the loss
  • Can’t talk to anyone about their pain because there are no words to explain their pain
  • Are feeling sad, lonely and there is no place in the world that fits for them
  • Are not able to concentrate at school and their grades are suffering
  • Feel like their friends don’t understand and they have no-one to talk to

While working in counselling,
a child or adolescent can:

  • Talk freely about what is troubling them so they start to feel better
  • Learn how to talk with their parents so they feel more supported
  • Work through their emotions, understand and accept them and start the healing process
  • Learn how to regulate their emotions so they are more emotionally stable
  • Build a toolbox of strategies to deal with future situations

If you’re ready to move beyond grief and loss and rediscover joy through counselling with Cait Wotherspoon, here’s what to do next:

If you’re ready to make an appointment or want to book a FREE 10-minute telephone consultation,
please click the Schedule Appointment button below and I will contact you shortly.

If you’re not ready to make an appointment, please call me on 0434 865 429 to discuss your needs.

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