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A Beautiful Way to Honour Loved Ones

I recently heard a touching story that I just had to share with you. My friend’s friend has a son who tragically died by suicide. To honour their loved one’s memory on what would have been his 18th birthday, his friends came together to create something truly special. They each wrote 365 memories of him, bound them into a beautiful book, and presented it to his mother. It was a heartfelt way to let her know that her son mattered and that his impact on their lives will never be forgotten.

I was so moved by this idea that I wanted to create something similar for all of you. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do for someone who has lost a loved one, especially when our relationship with the deceased is different from theirs. Sharing stories and memories can be a powerful way to provide comfort and show that their loved one made a difference in this world.

To help you do this, I’ve made a downloadable template that you can use to compile memories for your friends who are grieving. It’s a simple, yet meaningful way to show them that their loved one’s legacy lives on.

Here’s how you can do it (your loved ones will love it):

  1. Gather Memories: Reach out to friends, family, and anyone who knew the person. Collect their favourite memories, stories, or even funny moments.
  2. Use the Template: Download the template I’ve created and start organising these memories. Feel free to add photos, drawings, or anything else that makes it personal.
  3. Create the Book: Once you have all the memories collected, bind them into a book. You can do this yourself or use a service to make it look professional.
  4. Present with Love: Give this memory book to your friend. It’s a gift that shows love, thoughtfulness, and a reminder that their loved one touched many lives.

We often find ourselves unsure of how to support our loved ones in grief, especially after the initial rush of condolences has passed. This memory book is something you can work on and present at any time, offering a lasting tribute to the person who’s gone and a precious keepsake for those left behind.

So, go ahead and download the template here. This is a meaningful way to remember and honour those we’ve lost, long after others have moved on. Your friend will undoubtedly cherish this beautiful reminder that their loved one mattered deeply.

Let’s keep the memories alive and continue to support each other in the most heartfelt ways.

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Happy memory-making,

Cait xx



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