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Beyond Closed Doors: The Unseen Impact of Domestic Violence can lead to immense grief and emotional trauma for the victims.

In the shadows of our communities, behind closed doors, lies a pervasive and deeply troubling issue that is domestic violence.

Despite progress in societal awareness and support systems, this silent epidemic continues to haunt countless individuals, leaving behind scars of grief that may never fully heal. The grief caused by domestic violence affects not only the survivors but also their loved ones and communities. In Australia, the struggle against domestic violence remains an ongoing battle, affecting both women and men in profound and often overlooked ways.

The Imperfects podcast

I follow The Imperfects podcast, where Josh, Ryan, and Hugh discuss many interesting topics and talk to professionals. This podcast starts conversations for me. After listening to it, I share the information I learned or something that I found interesting.

One of my friends asked if I’d heard the April 19, 2024 episode where they discussed domestic violence and their point of view. My friend said that it was interesting and that she hadn’t even thought about some of the things. This prompted me to listen, and it was an interesting discussion on how they, like me, thought about safety in the world we live in.

They shared stories of talking with their partners and being oblivious to how women experience the world.

They spoke about the Bondi murders, where mostly women were targeted, which happened a little while ago. This prompted conversations between partners about not having deep conversations about women’s safety. The men had never thought to ask their partner how they were feeling right now.

I recommend you listen to this episode, it helped open my eyes as to how men think about safety. They also have links to other episodes they’ve done on domestic violence, an Instagram link on Penny Moodie’s advocacy, link to Chanel Contos book, Consent Laid Bare and heaps of emergency links.

How to Cope with Grief: Insights from The Conversation Article

There’s also this article titled, ‘We’re all feeling the collective grief and trauma of violence against women – but this is the progress we have made so far’. Another interesting read about domestic violence. It states the statistics, talks about recent cases, and what the government is planning to end violence against women.

All this information tells us that working together makes a difference in our neighbourhoods.

I was surprised to read that data from the Australian Institute of Criminology’s National Homicide Monitoring Program suggests that the number of intimate partner killings is going down. When I checked, it was but very slowly.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey, which asks people about their experiences with violence, gives hope. It seems that in some states, the amount of family violence over the past year might be going down, while in others, it stays the same. The statistics are astounding.

Breaking the Silence: Coping with Grief

Towards Empowerment and Change To address the scourge of domestic violence in Australia, concerted efforts are needed at every level of society. This includes implementing comprehensive prevention strategies, enhancing support services for survivors, and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. Education plays a crucial role in challenging cultural norms and promoting healthy relationships built on mutual respect and consent. By fostering open dialogue and breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence, we can create safer communities where all individuals can thrive free from fear and harm.

The wrap

Domestic violence affects everyone. By creating awareness, educating others, and speaking up against it, we can build a safer and more respectful world.

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