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Afterlife is a brilliantly written series about death, dying and grief. The characters are deep, rich with a touch of humour.

Have you seen afterlife yet? Afterlife is a brilliantly written series about death, dying and grief. The characters are portrayed in the deep, complex and rich tapestry that happens in life with craft and pathos and a touch of humour. So well balanced.

About the series

Ricky Gervais wrote, directed and starred in it. He created characters with such depth. The story is set around his character Tony, whose wife has died and the grief that he’s going through. So many emotions ran through my body while watching this. At the same time, I was in awe at the depth of his characters. Ricky Gervais is so good at writing deep, real, relatable characters. Ricky’s such an intelligent man, I desperately want to interview him to see where all his emotional intelligence comes from.

Our experience

I don’t want to tell you the whole storyline, because I think it would spoil your experience of watching the characters grow while processing their grief. My husband and I binged the first series hoped there to be a second series. There was. We binged that and hoped for a third series. Guess what? There was a third and final series and we binged that too.

It left us not wanting more because we’d walked alongside all the characters processing their grief, and how they dealt with each other’s grief. Last week, I wrote a blog post titled Don’t hurry grief. I think this is a perfect example, it is showing that grieving is a process and it takes time.

The many faces of grief

Grief is often ugly and difficult to sit with, especially in the beginning. The beginning of grief is filled with shock, feeling paralysed, not wanting to live without your loved one, and not knowing how to live without them. The main character Tony learns to understand his grief by watching all the videos of his wife and remembering the joy that filled his life while she was alive, as well as while she was dying. He sits with his dog and a glass of red wine. It was really a couple of bottles of red wine a night.

He allows himself to grieve. He gives himself the time to cry and feel not in control of his emotions. At times, he’s just numb and does his daily routine without thinking about what he’s doing. He just puts one step after the other. Life has no meaning for him without his wife, until it does. Along the way he meets an older lady who sits by her husband’s grave and understands that you have to grieve your loved one. She gives Tony some sage advice throughout the series and sometimes Tony takes it and runs with it bust mostly he runs his own race.

Every character in afterlife portrays all the different views of grieving, some helpful, some not. It shows how people can live life alongside their grief and that it takes time and the amount of time is different for every person.

The wrap up

I encourage you to sit in your grief. Know that it’s extremely heartbreaking in the beginning and you feel you can’t go on. Believe me, with the right people around you  you’ll learn to understand your grief and share your story. Keep your loved one’s memory alive by remembering the good, the bad and the ugly stories and share them with others.

Have I told you that I highly recommend you watch afterlife on Netflix yet? I hope you do it. Let me know what you think about it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did?

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