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Cait Wotherspoon:
Sydney Grief Counselling & Bereavement Counsellor

I decided what my future would be when I was seven years old.

It was then that I wrote “When I grow up I’m going to be a teacher, a nurse, a psychologist and a Prima ballerina”.

The many twists and turns of my life I have been presented with have become pathways to finding each of these careers in different guises during my life.

At 14 years of age I became a ballet teacher, where I choreographed dances and planned concerts. I did this until I was 16 years old. This fulfilled my Prima ballerina dream, even though I wanted to be Dame Margot Fonteyn to dance with Rudolf Nureyev.

I met my husband at 17 years old, which took my life in a whole different direction. I left school after doing my Higher School Certificate and moved into computers.  This was not in my plan, but by this time I had forgotten the journey I had planned when I was seven.

Grief and loss touched my life in a profound way

When I was 27 years old my life took an unusual twist, which turned into a cyclone.

I already had a gorgeous two and a half year old daughter and was pregnant with twins. My identical twin daughters were born at 24 weeks gestation.

The youngest twin lived for one week and the oldest twin was in hospital for the first six months of her life. She came home for one month and then spent the next six years in and out of hospital every couple of months and staying in for months at a time. So, a lot of both my daughters first years were spent in and around hospitals and I had first-hand experience of grief and loss.

I learnt so much about medicine during the first year of my daughter’s life that I decided to go to university and become a Registered Nurse. This came in handy for the next part of my life.

My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and died 18 months later. My favourite aunt was diagnosed with cancer that quickly metastasised to everywhere. On completion of Bachelor of Nursing, I became certified in Oncology and Palliative Care.

I became disenchanted with the health system, when it became more about paperwork and less about patient care.

I felt called to be a
helper and healer

By this time my girls were at school and I was a parent helper in the classroom, so my next career move was teaching.

I attended university again gaining a Bachelor in Teaching and Bachelor in Education. I love teaching. It was here that I began to see the family dynamics and how this affected children. My passion for therapy and the dynamics of relationships between people began to emerge.

I wanted to help children more than teaching them in the classroom. My teaching became more about being a good, well rounded person as well as learning reading, writing and arithmetic (as they used to say in the old days). I helped them with their relationship with friends, family and parents. I discovered I had skills in assisting people through difficult circumstances.

While teaching I trained as a Transactional Analyst in psychotherapy, as well as doing some units in counselling skills. I moved from teaching in primary school and opened my own private counselling practice in Penrith, in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

My passion for grief counselling evolved from my life experiences

My passion lies in helping clients (both adult and children) with their losses, grief and bereavement.

Loss comes in many and varied forms. I’ve helped clients learn to cope with loss of relationships, pets, careers, miscarriage, parents, grandparents, employment, independence, dreams and much more.

In my grief counselling work, I have helped many people with their bereavement so that they could rediscover joy and happiness again.

Over the years I have added Certificates in Sand Play Therapy and Symbol Work and Art Therapy. I am forever looking for courses to build my repertoire as a counsellor and psychotherapist. I continually do workshops to help me help my clients. I am also involved with the charity  Little Angel Memory Boxes (LAMB), where I work with families that are dealing with the death of a child, including miscarriage and stillbirth. My extensive training and experience means I work creatively with you to help you access your deepest strengths and resilience.

I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I am currently at university completing a Graduate Diploma of Psychology but I am sure there is more out there for me to do to add to my expertise.

My rich and varied professional and family life has provided me with skills and experiences enabling me to become a better counsellor and psychotherapist.  I bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to our work, so you get the best help possible.


  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • Trained Transactional Analyst
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate in Art Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work (for children, adolescence and adults)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Certificate of Oncology and Palliative Care
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

    Professional Counselling Trainings

    • Drama Therapy
    • Narrative Therapy
    • Counselling skills 1 & 2
    • Working with and facilitating groups
    • Couples Therapy
    • Dream Therapy
    • Louis Cossolino Workshop
    • Happiness Conference
    • Advanced training in Transactional Analysis New Zealand (2003, 2009,2011,2012)
    • Mindfulness Training
    • ACT for Adolescents
    • ACT for Grief and Loss
    • ACT for Beginners
    • Child and Adolescent Conference Melbourne (2017, 2019,2023)

    If you’re ready to move beyond grief and loss and rediscover joy through counselling with Cait Wotherspoon, here’s what to do next:

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