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Unravelling Grief to Rediscover Joy

Want more hints, tips and information? Cait shares videos and information to help you through your everyday life.

Do you feel overwhelmed by grief and sadness?

Don’t know where to turn?

Working with an experienced grief and loss counsellor could be the difference you’ve been looking for.

Can you relate to some of these statements?

  • Life won’t ever be normal again
  • I feel so alone and can’t reach out to friends
  • Life is so empty and pointless- I don’t feel like living anymore
  • I feel angry and want to blame someone for what has happened
  • I can’t stop crying for no reason at all

These thoughts and feelings are all normal responses to grief and bereavement.

You’ve probably never suffered a loss like this before. Your emotions can feel enormous and sometimes paralysing.

Grief and bereavement are parts of everyones life



Grief is a universal experience, but your experience of your loss is unique. Grief and bereavement can stem from many occurrences including:

  • the death of a loved child, partner, parent or grandparent
  • the loss of a baby through miscarriage
  • the loss of a relationship or experience of divorce
  • the death of a loved pet
  • the loss or sale of the family home
  • the loss of a job or career prospect
  • the loss of a dream or plan for the future
  • the loss of your health or mobility

If you’re going through a loss and don’t know where to turn, help is available…


Healing Through Storytelling

Healing Through Storytelling

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What Superpower Does Your Pet Have?

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Don’t Like Exercising? Try Green Therapy Instead

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Counselling with an experienced grief & bereavement therapist can help you begin to rebuild your life

Your friends and family may not know how to respond to your loss or how to best support you through this difficult time.

Through grief and bereavement counselling you can:

Gain insight into your emotions so they don’t overwhelm you
Reconnect with friends and family in a loving way
Find resolutions to complex problems arising from the loss
Achieve balance and well-being in your life again
Learn how to love and nurture yourself so you can begin to heal

I have been able to help a diverse clientele facing numerous challenges negotiate their many obstacles, difficulties and conflicts that have arisen from the complex issues of their loss and its consequences.

Through grief, loss and bereavement counselling, my clients have found the strength, purpose and desire to live their lives again. After exploring their grief and understanding it more fully, my clients realise that they can engage with their lives through their loss.

What makes me different from other counsellors?

  • My personal experience of grief couples with a professional point of view and wealth of knowledge that will help us work together to discover the life you want to be living.
  • Much of my professional training has focused on loss, grief, trauma and growth, so I have specific skills to help you navigate this difficult time
  • I believe you need more than talk therapy to heal from grief and loss. In my counselling approach, I bring a range of skills and techniques that include Sandplay TherapySymbol Work and Art Therapy. This means you get the best possible help for your specific situation.

If you’re ready to move beyond grief and loss and rediscover joy through counselling with Cait Wotherspoon, here’s what to do next:

If you’re ready to make an appointment or want to book a FREE 10-minute telephone consultation, please click the Schedule Appointment button below and I will contact you shortly.

If you’re not ready to make an appointment, please call me on 0434 865 429 to discuss your needs.